Multiple bind address load balancing
Postby guerby » Sun Sep 22, 2013 2:22 pm


In a case where a transmission user has multiple internet providers it would be great to be able to tell transmission to use multiple bind address for its outgoing connections so that a transmission client could for example download from a single peer over the two or more internet providers and get load balanced aggregated bandwidth.

I've just started looking around and the limitation to one bind source adress seems to come from:

net.c: source_addr = tr_sessionGetPublicAddress (session, addr->type, NULL)

I don't know if a simple round robin here would do, or if more modifications are needed (eg: to connect multiple times to the same peer). I don't know the transmission code base but if guidance/plan is provided I can code and test.

Somewhat related:

It seems that Vuze has this feature already:


Qui est partant pour se plonger dans le code de transmission ?
  1. Laurent GUERBY (pas de connaissance du code de transmission)
  2. Autre ?