Fork d'OpenWRT


build rapide

LEDE mirror

The "openwrt" repository contains a one-time copy of which is about 720GB in size, it contains all
OpenWrt binary releases made so far. If you have that much space to
spare then feel free to mirror it.

 -- buildbot        Snapshot builds
 -- openwrt         OpenWrt Archive
 -- downloads       LEDE Downloads
 -- sources         LEDE Sources
 -- snapshot-uploads        Uploads

LEDE Patch

Script :

Pour que le bind ipv6 de dropbear marche :

Discussion (pas terminée) sur le patch par les dev LEDE :

Historique, gestion des GPIO (maintenant commité) :

LEDE Patch FastPath

Accélération hw du NAT sur certains routeurs (dont Archer C7 v4)

LEDE TL-WR841N v11.1

LEDE test farm

  1. Laurent GUERBY (general)
  2. Autre ?

Voir aussi le setup QCA :

mPower library by mherrb: